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A compatibility patch between Backstage Reunion (by me) and More Fluff (by Jackeea) for Dicey Dungeons.

Have you ever played this quite popular mod of the name of More Fluff that adds a lot of equipment and thought to yourself: "I wish I could play this with this mod of the name of Backstage Reunion." ? Or maybe you think equipment or enemies isn't enough, and you want both of them. If that's the case, then this is the mod for you! (as long as you have two other mods installed)

You guessed it by now, this mod makes Backstage Reunion and More Fluff compatible.

Current Version is made for Backstage Reunion 1.3.1 and More Fluff 2.7.1
Make sure you have both of these mods installed and updated first.

The mods need to be loaded in this order :

  1. More Fluff
  2. Backstage Reunion
  3. Backstage Reunion/More Fluff Compatibility Patch
Updated 6 days ago
StatusIn development
CategoryGame mod
Made withHaxe
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

Install instructions

I'm assuming that you know how to install mods, if not you sould find instructions on the 2 other mods pages. So after having downloaded and extracted all three mods in the mods folder:

  • Launch the game and in the Mods loading menu, load the mods in this order:
  • Or alternatively launch the game through cmd or a .bat with mod=morefluff,backstage_reunion,bsr_mf_compatibility as a parameter. Luckily you've got backstagefluff.bat in the .zip file that does exactly that.


bsr_mf_compatibility_1_1_3b.zip 26 kB

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