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Looks like there were a few more things hidden backstage, they've come out now and are standing right under the spotlight: Sounds like trouble for our contestants, as it seems like it's time for them to face even more challenge!

Backstage Reunion is a Dicey Dungeons mod which currently adds in:

  • 10 New Enemies with all their unique equipments and original mechanics.
  • 7 New Bonus Round Rules.

All of those features don't replace the ones present in the base game and are purely additional.
More content is planned and coming for the future, including of course even more enemies and remixes, but probably some other goodies too, like episodes or equipments generating for contestants.

If you are interested in watching videos of the mod, you can check Retromation's Modded Dicey Dungeons Series in which the mod is featured alongside More Fluff.

Mod Compatibility

If you want to play with More Fluff by Jackeea (A really great mod adding in tons of new equipment) alongside this mod, then you can use the Compatibility Mod I made for More Fluff and this mod.

As for other mods, they may or may not be compatible with this mod; mods that are not editing episodes, adding in new enemies or editing bonus round rules should work fine alongside this mod. (I know that doesn't leave a lot)

StatusIn development
CategoryGame mod
Made withGIMP, Haxe
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

Install instructions

  1. Unzip the file and place the backstage_reunion folder into your Dicey Dungeons/mods folder.
  2. Launch your game and open the settings menu in the main Menu by pressing Escape, then open up the Mods menu in the top left corner.
  3. You should see backstage reunion in your Installed Mods list, click on it to put it into the Mods to load list.
  4. Once the mod is in your Mods to load list, click on the Load Mod(s) to restart the game with the mod active.
  5. You can now play the mod! (Please note that steps 2 to 4 need to be repeated everytime you want to launch the game with the mod active.)
  • Alternatively for advanced users (on Windows), after doing step 1, you can launch the diceydungeons.exe in the Dicey Dungeons folder with mod=backstage_reunion as a parameter using cmd : This will launch the game with the mod already active. You can also make a .bat file that will do just that, and use it to launch the game, saving you the expent of having to reload the mod everytime you launch the game.


backstage_reunion_1_3_1.zip 6 MB

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I really liked this mod. There aren't any other mods that add enemies as far as I know. They felt unique and I liked the Crazy Bomber in particular; He felt so chaotic. The compatibility mod for More Fluff worked perfectly. I would highly recommend this one!